300 Hour Teacher Training

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Starts Aug 19 2017

Vinyasa Arts – 100% Organic, Yoga Teacher Training is a grass-roots development created for impassioned teachers and serious students. Whether you have the ambition to become a yoga instructor or take your yoga practice to a deeper level, Vinyasa Arts Yoga Teacher Training is a boundless journey towards self-discovery and a more in depth understanding of Vinyasa yoga.

What makes Vinyasa Arts Yoga Teacher Training incomparable with other trainings?  As a trainee of Vinyasa Arts Yoga Teacher Training expect individualized attention. We don’t want to mass produce yoga teachers who recite pre-scripted dialog, we want you to know yoga. We strive to empower you to develop an effective, authentic style of yoga instruction. Our Yoga Teacher Training program is 100% Organic and original, designed to guide you through the process of discovering and strengthening your own personal style of teaching and practicing yoga.
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