We are Andy & Tamara Totman, co-owners of Vinyasa Arts Yoga (RYS 200, ERYT 500, YACEP) and creators of Zakti 360 yoga. We are coming out to the yoga community near you and we would love the opportunity to introduce ourselves and be a part of your amazing yoga community!  Our yoga roots began over 20 years ago in San Diego, CA. We opened our first yoga studio in Cardiff-by-the-Sea in 2013! We recently decided to “Come Out” to a broader yoga community and take our yoga workshops, master classes & trainings from coast-to-coast presenting at various yoga events, festivals and yoga studios! We would love to share our ideas, knowledge and experience with you and your yoga community in any way that we can! We believe yoga practice is a powerful tool used to challenge your surface reality by shining your inner light, your power, your true capability into the deepest corners of your being! We hope you will take a moment to read about what we have to offer your yoga community and watch our brief video introduction on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/zWPVnJMxisg

What we have to offer: Vinyasa Arts Yoga is a grass-roots development that believes in breaking down preconceived boundaries in order to cultivate individual strength, open-mindedness and personal power/self-realization through challenging, yet creative and knowledgeable vinyasa practice! Oh, and of course always a sense of humor added to the mix; because after all, advanced yoga IS being able to find humor and playfulness in your yoga practice! Vinyasa Arts Yoga inspires, trains and educates passionate teachers and motivated students that are ready to explore their full human potential and have some fun with their yoga practice!

  • Zakti 360 Vinyasa Classes: Zakti 360 is a progressive Vinyasa Yoga sequence powered by Vinyasa Arts Yoga. The Zakti 360 Yoga Sequence demonstrates a creative, yet powerful, intelligent, inspirational, dance-like asana sequence rooted in the Vinyasa Arts Yoga system. The Zakti 360 sequence is designed to provide an accessible yet powerful vinyasa yoga experience for the intermediate/advanced vinyasa practitioner to the novice vinyasa student ready to be challenged and inspired a little bit more! The Zakti 360 sequence was created by Andy & Tamara Totman of Vinyasa Arts Yoga. However, you will notice some key aspects of more traditional vinyasa yoga styles; as well as, the influence of martial art forms; such as Wushu (a graceful dance-like martial art form). The complete Zakti 360 sequence is an intermediate to advanced translation of each asana and asana transition. It is a 90-minute sequence with dynamic transitions in-and-out of each asana; as well as; movement all around the yoga mat (hence the 360 in the title). Even though Zakti 360 may be considered a more advanced asana practice, Andy and Tamara also offer plenty of hands-on assists; as well as, modified or alternate expressions of each asana and asana transition that allow students a more personalized expression of their Zakti 360 experience. As a result, Zakti 360 yoga is adaptable for most all level vinyasa classes, yet it is still a challenging and inspiring sequence both mentally and physically for most vinyasa students. Zakti 360 is a choreographed, energetic, progressive vinyasa flow that corresponds with the breath to create a dance-like moving meditation. Students that attend a Zakti 360 yoga class are encouraged and taught to modify and personally adjust their Zakti 360 practice to fit their unique ability. Over time, and a consistent practice, students will have the ability to move more freely, creatively and safely around their mat and in and out of each asana. As a result, Zakti 360 becomes a hyper focused moving meditation over time; which of course takes practice and patience! Zakti 360 is not only unique because of its signature style that joins Vinyasa with martial arts in a 360-degree sequence; but it also incorporates standing & balancing poses, inversions, arm balances, backbends, and floor work into every sequence.  In addition to offering Pop-up Zakti 360 classes at yoga events, yoga festivals and yoga studios;  Andy and Tamara also offer a 30 hour Master Class  in Zakti 360 Yoga designed for yoga instructors interested in CEUs and Zakti 360 Certification; or for yoga students with at least 1 year of consistent asana experience who are ready to add a new dimension to their current yoga practice.
  • 30 Hour CEUs Zakti 360 Master Class: In addition to offering Pop-up Zakti 360 classes at yoga events, yoga festivals and yoga studios; Andy and Tamara also offer a 30-hour Master Class in Zakti 360 Yoga. This 30-hour training in Zakti 360 is designed for yoga instructors interested in receiving 30-hours of CEUs / Zakti 360 Certification and for yoga students with at least 1 year of consistent asana experience who are ready to add a new dimension to their current yoga practice. The Zakti 360 Master class is a 30-hour intensive training usually scheduled over 3-4 days. Attendees will practice, observe and memorize the full Zakti 360 90-minute sequence. By the end of the training, attendees will have the ability to flow more freely and safely, yet in a hyper focused moving meditative state while participating in Zakti 360 yoga class. During training attendees will also learn modified or beginner versions of the Zakti 360 sequence in order to make the flow more adaptable to every unique body and background in the training. In doing so, trainees will learn individualized asana alignment and choregraphed asana transitions with personalized modifications suitable for each individual practicing the Zakti 360 sequence. In addition to learning the timing, pace, methodology, allocution and intonation of the Zakti 360 sequence; trainees will also receive one-on-one hands-on assists and modifications for each asana and asana transition in order to tailor their Zakti 360 practice to their own unique ability and expression of Zakti 360 Yoga. Trainees will have the opportunity to practice, observe and learn hands-on assists, modifications and props; proper alignment techniques, detailed asana transitions; as well as strength and flexibility exercises that will improve their Zakti 360 practice.
  • FUNdamentals of Arm Balance Workshop: Beginner Arm Balance workshop; learning the basics in arm balance alignment & foundation; as well as strength & flexibility drills/exercises. Wall work, hands-on assists & individualized instruction taught by Andy & Tamara Totman. 2-hour workshop.
  • Zero Gravity Arm Balance Workshop: Intermediate to advanced transitioning from one arm balance and/or inversion to the next: Example: floating back or into handstands; strength and mobility exercises/drills, proper alignment techniques, hands-on assists, wall work & individualized instruction taught by Andy & Tamara Totman. 3-hour workshop.
  • FUNdamentals of Handstands Workshop: Beginner handstand workshop focusing on foundational poses, strength & flexibility exercises/drills, proper alignment, wall work, hands-on assists, individualized instruction. Taught by Andy & Tamara Totman. 2-hour workshop.
  • Flipside Handstand & Press-up Workshop: Intermediate to advanced training focusing on pressing up into several handstand variations. Practicing strength & flexibility techniques/drills; proper alignment & transitions, advanced wall work, hands-on assists, individualized instruction. Taught by Andy & Tamara Totman. This is a 2-hour workshop for handstand & press-up only; or a 3-hour workshop if also including press-ups and transitions into and out of inversions like headstand, forearm & scorpion.


A little more about who we are: Andy & Tamara are a husband and wife yoga team! They believe yoga is not only a way to connect with self and others, but it’s also an art form and a way of life that cultivates one’s full human potential. Their style of yoga is a powerful tool not only for the body; but for the mind and spirit as well. It is this profound connection to Mind, Body & Spirit that has inspired Andy and Tamara to truly LIVE LIFE, and share their knowledge and experience with others. In addition to the love and support they have for one another; Andy and Tamara believe their yoga practice; yoga lifestyle and yoga community is one of the main reasons Andy has found the power insight and courage to fight off stage 4 cancer and survive! Andy recently completed several years of cancer treatments including; four surgeries, radiation, and immunotherapy … and he is going strong! Now, Andy and Tamara plan to live life to its fullest and share their passion, love and style of yoga with as many people as possible!

Ok, so at the top of our introduction we mentioned “yoga community”. We are aware that this is a somewhat vague term to use. In fact, it is almost synonymous with the word, “people”! Think about it, in the US alone, over 20 million people are practice some form of yoga, and there’s no doubt a plethora of yoga styles and yoga beliefs out there to experience! So, we thought, why keep that experience to one style? Why not see what other communities are offering and broaden our experience as yogis? We believe we will be a great addition to your community of yogis! Therefore, we would like to present our yoga workshops, yoga trainings and master classes to your “yoga people”!

So, you may be wondering how we determine who your yoga community is? Well, in our opinion a yoga community is anyone who is interested in being healthy and challenging the mind and the body. We also believe that even though most yogis tend to focus inward and self -reflect; this practice tends to also create a yoga community that cares about things outside of themselves as well (i.e. social change, open-mindedness and the willingness to learn something new). After all, focusing inward, brings compassion and connection and understanding outside of the box as well. THAT is why we are “coming out” to your yoga community!

The cool thing about the world of yoga, is there is something for everyone because yoga is such a personal experience. Even though there are numerous yoga styles and beliefs across the world of yoga. We yogis all hold one thing in common; we have a willingness to connect with others. We want to share and connect not only with OUR local yoga community, but with the ENTIRE yoga community! We hope you will considering having us as guest instructors/presenters in the near future!

Live … Play … Love … Connect …. Yoga….


Andy & Tamara Totman, MA, ERYT-500, RYS, YACEP

A FEW MORE TID-BITS: Tamara has a master’s degree in psychology and used her degree to help with at-risk teens and work in prisons, juvenile detention centers and homeless shelters as a case worker and yoga teacher. Andy & Tamara have also presented/taught at several yoga festivals and events over decades! Ranging anywhere from 50 people to over 600 people at each event! Most of these events have been outside yoga events with live music and wearing a headset mic. For example, Yoga in the Park, Yoga Rocks the Park, Yoga by the Lake, Flow Fest, and Rooftop Yoga. In addition to the many outdoor events we present at, we have also done several fitness expos (i.e. Charlotte Fitness Expo). Every week we teach at various breweries doing our yoga and brew classes! We have also taught at many fundraising events over the years including the Melanoma Research Center, American Cancer Society, Windriver Cancer & Wellness retreat center, Relay for life, etc. In addition to the many outdoor yoga events that we conduct/teach we also do 2-3 Registered yoga teacher training’s every year, approximately 10-20 Yoga Workshops/Master classes (Arm balancing, Handstands, Sequencing, Adjustments, and master classes) every year at our own yoga studio as well as guest instructors and trainers for many local yoga studios in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and California.