Flow into Fall

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Join Melinda Quesenberry on Sunday Sept. 23 from 2:00 to 4:00
As the summer days come to a close, new habits, routines and schedules are being formed. Change is the theme of the season and it is evident all around us; the trees are changing colors and shedding their leaves, the air is cooling and the days are slowly becoming shorter.
You too experience the transitions of the seasons. Whether you’re letting go, recovering from a cold, starting a new chapter in your life, starting a new season or a new relationship, change is apparent; making fall an ideal time to reboot and refocus the mind and body.

In this two-hour workshop, Melinda will guide you through a seasonal sequence designed to help you stay balanced and grounded as you flow through fall. You will also learn tips and tools for a seasonal routine, eating for the season, creating a home practice and more.
$22 Early-Bird
$33 At the Door

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