From Alignment to Enlightenment

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May 27th 12:00 to 4:00
12:00-1:30 Movement Based Practice with Beeja Mantra -1:30-2:15 Chai and Snack Break -2:15-3:15 Discussion on the Body as a Sacred Mandala -3:15-4:00 Restorative Asana Practice and Meditation
This workshop has been designed to take you through the entire experience of yoga. It will enable you to touch on all 8 limbs of yoga, many of which are often overlooked in our Asana practice. The use of beeja mantras during practice will evoke the union of Shiva and Shakti ( the divine masculine and feminine) within your own body. In the tantric tradition, the visualization of this union along with other practices is considered to bring the physical, emotional and spiritual body into a state of balance. The use mantras, mudras and bandhas is a way of transforming the latent energy to serve us in this realm. Couples will benefit in their intimate relationship as well as their day to day life through the use of these practices.”
 INVESTMENT: $48 per person $80 per couple Please RSVP by May 13th

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