A yoga studio is a business. It takes paying students to keep the doors open.

Just like in the production of the food we eat, there are ways to maximize profit by producing an inferior product. Pesticides, hormones, and genetically modified food were all introduced by corporate business to make the production of food more profitable at the expense of those that consume it.

Similarly, there are common practices at many yoga studios that are designed to benefit the studio and not the student. We think that needs to change. It’s time to return to doing what is right, not necessarily what is most profitable – Organic Yoga.

  1. Membership billing can be cancelled with a seven days notice. Why should you be required to give 30 days notice when cancelling an automatic recurring billing contract? It may take us a few days to log into the computer and cancel the account so we think one week is fair. Most studios require 30 days notice because it benefits the studio, not the students. If you don’t think 30 days in advance, you end up paying the last month of a membership because you are bound by a contract not because you want to. We don’t think that’s right.
  2. Teachers teach how and what they want. You will have access to an amazing group of teachers at Vinyasa Arts. They all have different backgrounds, styles, musical preferences and methods of instruction. Yet they all share a common vision of providing a supportive, nurturing environment for you, the student. We won’t ruin that by forcing teachers to adhere to a specific script, playlist or teaching methodology. Good yoga teachers are not a commodity. At Vinyasa Arts, teachers make the studio, not the other way around.
  3. No Groupons. You love deals and so do we. Groupon definitely brings new students in to try a studio. We know, we have done Groupon deals in the past. What we learned, however, is that many Groupon students don’t stay after the first 30 days. Many leave to chase the next 70% off deal. More importantly, as an existing student, you can’t help but feel displaced. Your regular class is now packed with people paying far less than you are. We still have an amazing deal if you want to try Vinyasa Artst for a month. If you do decide to become a member, we hope it is not because we are the cheapest, but because you feel like Vinyasa Arts is the right place to develop your practice.