Vinyasa Unveiled

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Join Cat Valadez This workshop breaks down the anatomy and biomechanics of staying safe in an active yoga practice when it comes to flowing through “the vinyasa” and sun salutes. We will look closely at common misalignments and correct engagement in plank, chaturanga, and upward facing dog especially, and discover the deep connection between the sun salute (Surya Namaskar A) and the rest of your asana practice. Beyond the basics of these postures, we will also play with fun transitions connected to them: jumping back, jumping forward, through, and much more!

Recommended for new and experienced students alike, anyone who feels even a little unsure of what they’re supposed to be doing when the teacher calls for “taking a vinyasa.” Finding stability and strength in these postures is the key to opening everything else you do in asana, and will set the foundation for injury-free shoulders for years to come.


Early Bird: $35

Day of: $45

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Cat Valadez is an E-RYT with over 1200 hours of teaching experience. Her decade of practice and 5 years of teaching is influenced by a variety of traditions, from Ashtanga and Iyengar, to yin yoga and mindfulness practices. Cat’s teaching style blends a respect for yoga tradition with a scientific understanding of anatomy and biomechanics to keep students safe, and educate them on how to make the practice work for their body. Her dharma is to help people ground into their body and create space to let the inner teachings of yoga unfold from there. Cat’s down-to-earth approach weaves together a focus on foundations, mindfulness, playfulness and highlights the ways this physical practice translates off the mat.


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