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200 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Next Session: March 10 through June 10 2018

Vinyasa Arts 100% Organic, Yoga Teacher Training is a grass-roots development created for impassioned teachers and serious students. Whether you have the ambition to become a yoga instructor or take your yoga practice to a deeper level, Vinyasa Arts Yoga Teacher Training is a boundless journey towards self-discovery and a more in depth understanding of Vinyasa yoga.  What makes Vinyasa Arts Yoga Teacher Training incomparable with other trainings? As a trainee of Vinyasa Arts Yoga Teacher Training expect individualized attention. We strive to empower you to develop an effective, authentic style of yoga instruction. Our Yoga Teacher Training program is 100% Organic and original, designed to guide you through the process of discovering and strengthening your own personal style of teaching and practicing yoga.


As said by our Lead Teacher Adam Pohemus “Leading a teacher training is not something I take lightly. Embarking on a teacher training is a big step towards understanding the wide world of modern postural yoga. For most people it is a bit intimidating and a step out of their well cultivated comfort zone. When you take this Training, you can expect a better understanding of your practice, the skills to teach students of all levels and a sincere look at the history of this ancient practice of enlightenment.

My passion is yoga and I have spent most of my adult life practicing and studying this mysterious system in all its different facets. I try to make everything accessible, even as we delve into deeper areas of movement and thought by keeping a beginner’s mind. I want everyone who takes the training to leave with more knowledge of yoga and themselves. Every great journey starts with a few small steps”.
Whether you want to take the first step to becoming a new yoga instructor, or you are ready to earn an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher certification in San Diego, Vinyasa Arts has a program that will support and guide you in your development as a yoga instructor.

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200 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Next Session: March 10 through June 10 2018


300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

300Hr More Information


Yoga Teaching Mentorship Program

Private lessons to improve your teaching skills. This Mentorship Program is designed to improve you skills in alignment, adjustments, teaching, sequencing and personal meditation.