Zakti 360 Vinyasa Classes: Zakti 360; Powered by Vinyasa Arts, is a progressive Vinyasa Yoga sequence. The Zakti 360 style demonstrates a creative, yet powerful, intelligent, inspirational, dance-like asana sequence rooted in the Vinyasa Arts Yoga system. Zakti 360 is designed to provide an accessible yet powerful vinyasa yoga experience for the intermediate/advanced vinyasa practitioner to the novice vinyasa student ready to be challenged and inspired a little bit more! Zakti 360 was created by Andy & Tamara Totman of Vinyasa Arts. However, you will notice some key aspects of more traditional vinyasa yoga styles; as well as, the influence of a graceful dance-like martial art called Wushu). The complete Zakti 360 sequence is an intermediate to advanced translation of each asana and asana transition. Being 90-minute sequence with dynamic transitions in-and-out of each asana; as well as; movement all around the yoga mat (hence the 360 in the title). Even though Zakti 360 may be considered a more advanced asana practice, Andy and Tamara also offer plenty of hands-on assists; as well as, modified or alternate expressions of each asana and asana transition that allow students a more personalized expression of their Zakti 360 experience. As a result, Zakti 360 yoga is adaptable for most all level vinyasa classes, yet it is still a challenging and inspiring sequence both mentally and physically for most vinyasa students. Zakti 360 is a choreographed, energetic, progressive vinyasa flow that corresponds with the breath to create a dance-like moving meditation. Students that attend a Zakti 360 yoga class are encouraged and taught to modify and personalize their Zakti 360 practice to fit their uniqueness. Over time, and a consistent practice, students will find themselves moving more gracefully, feeling the creativity of Zakti as they safely move around their mat and in and out of each asana. As a result, Zakti 360 becomes a hyper focused moving meditation over time; which of course takes practice and patience! Zakti 360 is not only unique because of its signature style that joins Vinyasa with martial arts in a 360-degree sequence; but it also incorporates standing & balancing poses, inversions, arm balances, backbends, and floor work into every sequence.  In addition to offering Pop-up Zakti 360 classes at yoga events, yoga festivals and yoga studios;  Andy and Tamara also offer a 50 hour Master Class  in Zakti 360 Yoga designed for yoga instructors interested in CEUs and Zakti 360 Certification; or for yoga students with at least 1 year of consistent asana experience who are ready to add a new dimension to their current yoga practice.